AAEPA 11 essential systems

What are these systems all about?

Let’s face it –most law firms are flying by the seat of their pants.

You didn’t train to be an office manager, computer technician or marketer, but unless you know how to systematize and streamline these parts of your business, you’ll constantly be working harder than you have to – seeing more of your desk than your family and spending more time doing paperwork than on the golf course.

No thanks.

The difference between a thriving practice and an office full of more stress than clients is systems.

The Academy’s 11 Essential SystemsTM are the time-tested frameworks we teach attorneys how to implement in order to build a thriving law firm and manage the demands that come with it.

They’re proven processes you can use to make your business more efficient, effective and profitable.

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The 11 Essential SystemsTM and What They Help You Accomplish

1. Strategic Planning System Align your business with your personal values and build a blueprint for a practice that suits your desired lifestyle.
2. Finance and Operations Management System Manage by the numbers
and seamlessly make it all work – without burning out or going broke.
3. A Systems Approach to Leadership Create a firm culture by focusing on your team’s unique abilities and the road to mastery.
4. Staff Accountability and Team Building Put the
right people with the right skills in the right positions to get the best
5. Comprehensive Technology System Leverage online and offline tools to save hundreds of hours drafting documents and managing your firm.
Integrated Marketing and Public Relations System
Tap into the power of
multiple marketing channels to generate a steady stream of qualified clients.
7. No-Stress Client Engagement System Inspire consumers to
take action and make the most of every client relationship.
Efficient Workflow Systems
Draft, review and execute state-of-the-art estate plans that are up to date with all the required provisions.
9. Continuing Legal Education System Stay on the cutting
edge of effective legal strategies and updates to the law with the help of our
entire education department behind you.
10. Ancillary Business Systems Leverage your existing client relationships to generate multiple sources of revenue.
11. Ongoing Mastermind System Participate in a
community of likeminded attorneys.

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