Work with a team who takes your goals personally

Request Your Academy Info Kit The Academy has one staff member for every four firms we help.
You won’t find that level of care anywhere else.

  • Jack Alpern
    Alpern Law Firm
    Member Firm Since 1993

    When I came here, I met an organization of people – to a person – who are happy for you when you succeed. It’s amazing – absolutely refreshing! It was a defining moment for me when I joined an organization that could rejoice in the successes of others.

  • Casey Connealy and Chris Gaughan

    Member Firm Since 2012
    We were Litigators when we heard about the American Academy.

    We were Litigators when we heard about the American Academy. Joining was the best decision of our careers as they have shown us how to have a work-life balance and genuinely help our clients.

  • Jerry Dorn
    Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd.
    Member Firm Since 1996

    The Academy really offers the complete package and will truly allow you – and assist you every step of the way – to transform your practice and accomplish all of your goals.

  • Melanie Lee
    Lee Law Office, PLLC
    Member Firm Since 2006

    “ I was just looking for estate planning software. What I found was the complete solution for the estate planning attorney.

    The tools and systems help you create the practice of your dreams… and the lifestyle you really want to have. We’ve made friendships and received support that we never could have imagined. ”

Who should join?

Academy Membership is an amazing opportunity -
but it’s not for every attorney in town. It doesn’t matter whether you’re already running a busy practice or starting from scratch.We’re looking for ambitious, coachable, success-orientated lawyers who want to live a rich, fulfilling life.

Work with a team who takes your goals personally

Becoming a Member is an exciting decision! Here’s how we help you make sure it’s the right one.
Request Your Academy Info Kit

We’ll send you all the information you need to
determine if Academy Membership is right for

Talk to an Academy Membership Coach

Personal, professional – we want to hear your
story! Share your goals, ask questions and find out
if your territory is available.

Connect With Members Like You

Your Membership Coach will share the names
of Members who have gone through a
transition like yours.

Members LOVE sharing their honest
experiences with anyone considering an
Academy Membership.

Send Us Your Application

When you’ve done your due diligence, the
acceptance process begins on our end.

Reviewing your application typically takes one
week or less.

Design Your Territory

Your Membership Coach will work with you to
structure your territory based on your
business and goals.

Once this is done, choosing your start date is
all that’s left!

Unpack Your Starter Kit

Once everything is signed off, we’ll ship you a
starter kit and pair you with a Practice Building
Coach to help you implement all 11 of our proven

Welcome aboard!

Request Your Academy Info Kit No obligation. Free of charge.
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