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Does It Matter Why Your Prospects Came to See You?

After 22 years of creating the seminar success program that has driven millions of motivated prospects to our client’s seminars, it is still uncanny how many are overly concerned as to why those individuals attended. They question their true interest level and assume that the complimentary dinner evening was the main reason they came.

For now, let’s just “assume” that the food was 100% of the draw. The title of this blog started with the words “Does it Matter”. Why would it matter if that was the reason? We have a vast amount of data to show that most, if not the majority, are really there because they are confused, they’re missing something in their overall plan, they’re genuinely interested to hear a second opinion or they are concerned they may be on the wrong track to meet their financial goals. The food is just part of making it a true social event instead of a sales pitch, workshop or boring lecture.

They are there with their spouse to meet you and hear what you have to say for an hour or so and then break bread with all of the other interested parties in the room. What an incredible (non- threatening) environment for you to shine, gain trust and have at least 45% of them like you enough to want to meet with you privately one on one at your office.

To make my marketing point here, “incentives” have also been used by big, recognized, legitimate brands to get prospects to buy, commit or attend a presentation. CHASE Bank was offering $200 for opening an account, DIRECTTV offered a $100 VISA Prepaid gift card with service and Target throws in a free $100 gift card with Galaxy S7 mobile phone pre-orders. Most Las Vegas casinos comp you credits, free rooms, and free dinners just to stay at their properties.

People will trade their interest for some type of courtesy or concession on your part… the basic premise of “if you do this, we’ll do this”. It’s my universal law of attraction, if something makes sense to your target audience, they will come, and continue to keep coming.

Another point of view. A full room of prospects, no matter why they are there, also bodes very well for you because it creates that “safety in numbers” scenario on their side. A perfect situation to gain their trust and break down the barriers. They out-number you thus they are at ease and will now listen to what you have to say. They are open and willing to proceed with you to the next step, only, if you do things correctly in front of everyone there. It is your opportunity. You want them to feel like they will be missing out on something (valuable insights and advice) if they do not request to meet with you privately. You got them there, don’t be overly concerned why. Focus instead on developing the best presentation & appointment process in your area. That is where the big difference is made.

Stop worrying about why people behave and react in certain ways, just proceed. What matters most is that it makes sense to them, so who cares why they came. It will all add up when you stick to the approach and see the ROI. So go ahead, market yourself to great success.

Jorge Villar is the President and Founder of RME360, a $24 million-dollar marketing powerhouse. With more than 26 years of direct marketing experience, he is known in several industries for his ability to create campaigns that garner the highest response rates. He is the innovator of the National Seminar Success program that for the last 17 years has accounted for more than 65% of the seminar events being held nationwide, with over 17 million attendees. Mr. Villar has also been very successful marketing to physicians and business owners regarding Succession Planning and Asset Protection. RME360’s marketing programs are presently being utilized by over 10,000 clients, including: top producing financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, large financial organizations, health care organizations, franchises, universities and many other industries. Mr. Villar is a frequent key note speaker at national financial symposium and marketing training conferences.

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