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Effective Use of Images in Online Marketing

When you look at your firm’s website or social media accounts, do you see pictures?  If you don’t, you’re missing out on a great chance to improve your digital marketing efforts and company brand.

Visual content can have a great impact on how search engines rank your site – but good pictures can also do much more than just give you a boost on Google. They can also help to increase your conversion rate, as more people who visit your site will be likely to reach out to you if you use visuals the right way.

If you’re not sure about how to incorporate images into your website, blog, and social media sites, this simple guide can help you get started.

Understanding the Value of Images

Visual images can serve many purposes when incorporated onto your website and blog.

Images boost search engine rankings because they can be optimized just like text can. When you incorporate an image into your blog or article, you can give it a title and a description. Search engines will crawl these images, just as they do the text, so you have another opportunity to incorporate your keywords and show Google your content. You could also potentially rank in a Google image search, which gives customers another chance to find you.

Images also help you to convert your online leads in a number of different ways:

How Should You Incorporate Images?

Attorneys can incorporate images on their firm’s sites and social media accounts in many ways. Some great pictures to feature on your website include:

In addition to making sure you’re using the right kinds of images, you’ll want to make sure you follow technical specifications and avoid blurry images by using the right size and resolution.  Every social media platform has their own  specs, and they sometimes change, but the according to social media management company Social Sprout, here are the current image size recommendations (in pixels) for each site:






The images you include on your website and social media platforms can have a significant impact on how your clients and prospects engage with you.  If you haven’t looked at the visuals on your sites lately, review them to see which may need to be updated.

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