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Getting Your Membership Started

  • Contact us and receive an information package and free audio recording with additional membership information available. This package includes information about each department, the Academy software, Marketing tools, Continuing Education Courses, the Financial Services support available and more!

  • Speak with an Academy Membership Consultant about whether your geographic area is available for membership. Advise this representative of the goals you have for yourself and your practice and collect the names of several members who have already gone through a transition similar to the one you face. Members are always eager to share their experiences with those considering membership.

  • Call the members suggested. Speak with at least 2-3 members about the steps you're considering. You will find out about one of the most valuable benefits of membership-the members themselves. This group of attorneys share concepts, successes, failures and tips on the member listserv as well as by telephone. They are the key ingredient to the high energy Academy Summit events held twice per year!

  • Fill out the Application. Once the Membership Consultant and you have covered all of the due diligence items necessary for making a transition in your practice, the acceptance process on our end begins. The Academy has an approval process that includes credit and reference checks. This process generally takes a week to 10 days, so it is best to begin as soon as you feel fairly certain about going forward with membership.
    • Make sure that you meet our Malpractice Insurance Requirement of $250,000 per incident, $500,000/per year. We recommend, however that you have insurance covered for $500,000 per incident, $1 million aggregate per year.
  • Designing an Academy Territory. This is a matter of discussing your existing business and your goals even further. Once the territory is structured, picking a "start date" for the membership to kick off is the only remaining task!

  • Review, Sign and Return the Agreement.

  • Unpack your Starter Kit. Once the agreement is received and processed, by the start date, the Starter Kit is shipped UPS 3rd Day. A phone appointment is set so you can plan on unpacking these boxes with a Practice Building Consultant on your speakerphone discussing the use and timing of your implementation on each item

GREEN: Open Territory, plenty of room for members
YELLOW: Academy member(s) are in this area but there is room for more
RED: Closed Territory, no membership openings

If you have any questions regarding territories and/or membership please call Member Services at (800) 846-1555 or e-mail us.

*This territory map may not be accurate, please contact us directly to confirm availability.

Membership Application

  1. Click here to print out a membership application.

  2. Fill out the application with the correct information.

  3. Fax it back to us at (858) 874-2560.

“I have always felt that Academy membership is my secret weapon for success in estate planning! I would not want to attempt to practice in this field without being a member. ”

Dennis D. — Iowa Member