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American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys - AAEPA

American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys is an exclusive, membership organization that fosters the explosive growth of estate planning law firms nationwide through the use of our diverse business building and legal practice management systems.

The Academy's comprehensive set of tools, available exclusively to our members, include:

Legal and Educational Support

  • Up-to-the minute legal education on law changes, planning techniques and document options.

  • Informative seminars, tools and materials to assist members in educating consumers in their communities.

  • Comprehensive one-on-one coaching to support attorneys as they add other services, employees or systems to their practice.

Legal Marketing and Practice Management Tools

  • Development of a Law Firm Marketing Plan

  • A members-only website, with indispensable information on law firm practice management, legal marketing, and law firm systems.

  • Effective personal websites featuring substantive legal content, a seminar reservation system, and top-notch site designs for member law firms with impressive search results on prime search engines.

Technology & Software Support

Financial Services

  • Development of the Strategic Planning Process

  • Leadership and Management review of member's law practice, financials and staffing and guidance in building a law firm business plan around the existing strengths.

By implementing our systems, you can focus on effectively serving your clients' estate planning and elder care needs, rather than on law firm marketing and management obligations.

Since 1993, the Academy has been a highly-regarded and sought-after resource for attorneys and consumers alike. We've been heralded numerous times by Money Magazine, by Consumer Reports, and by Suze Orman in her book, 9 Steps to Financial Freedom. In 2010, Academy founders Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch co-authored The E-Myth Attorney: Why Most Legal Practices Don't Work and What to Do About It with small business expert Michael Gerber. The E-Myth Attorney combines business development expertise with legal practice management system to bridge the gap between attorney and entrepreneur.

As our many testimonials indicate, membership in the Academy has fundamentally changed the lives of countless members around the United States. What's holding you back from changing your law practice into a business that allows you to work only four days a week, spend more time with family and hobbies, all while giving your clients superior service? Click HERE to start.


Academy events, such as our Annual Summit, enable members to network with like-minded entrepreneurial attorneys and learn the latest estate planning techniques and practice management tools.

To learn how to attend some of the Members Only sessions as a special guest please contact us at workshops@aaepa.com or by calling 800-846-1555 right away!

“In 2003 I decided to implement a life balance decision to schedule my office 4 days per week. I was able to easily accomplish this with the assistance from the Academy systems which allow me to work smarter and not just longer. In addition, a Fellow Academy member also provided personal guidance to me on how he had implemented the same strategy some time ago in his practice. This change was implanted without a hitch and remains today.

For me, my membership in AAEPA is about much more than documents or strategies for providing quality estate planning services. It allows me to do all the things that the top estate planners do while maintaining the quality of life that I have chosen. I will never again feel like the practice of law is swallowing me up whole like Moby Dick!”

Dennis D. — Iowa Member
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