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Sorry we missed you on this webinar!


Even though you weren’t able to join us for the webinar training, we want to make sure you have an opportunity to watch the recording. Just click the link below for access to the recording of the webinar. As you watch the recording, if any questions come up for you, please email us at, or give us a call at 800.846.1555.


You’ll also want to download and print out the handout we used on the webinar (pro tip: the handout is full of great information – save a tree and print it two-sided!)

Click here to download the handout:


As expected, we're already getting some amazing comments on the strategies discussed on yesterday’s webinar...along with tons of requests for access to more information about the upcoming Boot Camp and Summit in San Diego. It’s not too late for you to throw your hat in the ring if you’re interested in learning more about how to attend!




American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys
Boot Camp and Summit Details

October 8-9, in San Diego, CA, immediately followed by the Academy Summit October 9-12, 2014


Application to attend:


Join Academy founders Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch for an intensive "Boot Camp" where you can learn how to annihilate roadblocks and create a blueprint to attain the dependable income streams, automated workflow and flexible schedule you desire.


Qualifying attorneys:

  • Will receive CLE for the substantive portions of the Summit (no CLE credit for the Boot Camp, this 8-hour training is practice building, marketing, and strategy for your business and does not qualify for CLE).
  • Will have most meals provided from Wednesday morning through Sunday in San Diego while participating in an extensive 8-hour training session with Academy founders and Members (Members have been referring to this program as a "reboot" for their own practices).
  • Are also encouraged to bring a spouse, partner, or key staff person. So much of the Boot Camp and Summit is something that you will want to discuss with those who support your vision.
If you thought the webinar was enlightening, just wait until you get to experience Boot Camp!

Meet the Members - Our last Boot Camp had about 30 Members and their staff in attendance. You'll be able to go through this program side-by-side with Members who can answer any questions you may have about how they implemented change in their practice. Because Membership is exclusive, you'll find Members comfortable talking about financial issues, transitions they have experienced in their marketplace, staffing struggles, and how they have worked through them... right along with any substantive focus you would find helpful in a discussion about documents or software!


By the end of the transformational Boot Camp, you'll have everything you need to build a profitable and efficient practice!

You'll also have the opportunity to stay for the Academy's Members Only Summit, where you can hear from keynote speakers, learn more about the Academy, and get a first-hand view of our arsenal of tools and resources!

How Do You Know If You Qualify?

We want to make sure the attorneys attending this exclusive Boot Camp program are the "best of the best"...true entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their practice to the next level!

Does that sound like you?

If so, time is of the essence! We're only going to accept 15 attorneys for this transformational Boot Camp experience, so if you want to be on that list, submit your request now!

Just go to to download and fill out the short application form. We'll let you know as soon as possible if you're one of our lucky 15!