American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys 2013 Boot Camp Preview Training 

Watch This Video To Discover How Lawyers Across The Country Are Taking Back Their Lives, Cornering Their Markets And Enjoying Explosive Practice Growth...
And Join Us For A Webinar To Learn The
11 Specific Practice Management and Marketing Systems They Used To Do It-FREE!

Wednesday, July 17th at 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern

Presenters:  Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch
Attorneys, Co-authors of The E-Myth Attorney and Founders of
The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

For 20 years, the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys has helped lawyers from all backgrounds transform their practices into thriving, profitable law firms while living fulfilling lives outside of the office.

As you heard in the above video, most Academy members credit their success to the implementation of 11 Essential Systems that allow for full practice automation, streamlined processes and turn-key marketing solutions that take the guesswork out of where clients and revenue streams are coming from every month.

While many Members implement Academy systems so they can ultimately sell their practice, other Members have used the practice management and marketing systems to create a growing practice and a flexible lifestyle for themselves and their family. The number of Academy Members who work 4 days per week, yet have thriving practices, continues to grow.

In Celebration Of Our 20th Anniversary, We Invite You To Learn The 'Inner Workings' Of These Systems During Our Exclusive Webinar Training: 11 Core Strategies To Create a Purpose and Profit Driven Practice

During this live webinar, Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch of the American Academy will walk non-members through a unique law practice audit to help attendees get a baseline of what systems they already have in place, what's missing and how to spot costly 'leaks' in easy-to-overlook areas such as:

Where are you losing potential clients and referrals? Is it due to a website that lacks punch? Staff lacking warmth during an initial phone call? Missing systems for client engagement or follow up?

Where are you hemorrhaging money? Are you losing dollars on advertising that doesn't convert? Taking on the wrong clients and not charging enough? Staffing and productivity issues?

Where are you losing the valuable commodity of time? Do you feel like a slave to your practice? Are you still doing things that should be delegated, automated and removed from your plate?

And most importantly, are you overlooking simple shortcuts and resources to help fix these problems ASAP?

Wednesday, July 17th at 2 PM Pacific/ 5 PM Eastern


These Systems Really Work
The Academy has given me the systems to start my own office. Everything. From templates to education, to marketing, how to do the seminars, adding financial services to my office, Medicaid, writing blogs, optimizing my office on search engines and the Internet. You name it, this group really provides it. Of everything I've done in my legal career, this has been my favorite opportunity and each and every year I keep growing with it.
Cheryl David, Greensboro, NC

Thriving After Years of Struggle
After years of struggle, I'm finally enjoying the practice I envisioned when I first set out on my own. My lifestyle is a lot better. I am more relaxed, I don't work on weekends or evenings. That's something I didn't have before.
Michael Bonfrisco, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

This webinar will not only help you uncover the habits that are holding you back from the success you desire, but introduce you to our 11 proven systems that will help you grow a bigger practice, gain visibility in your community, attract an endless supply of new clients and referrals and serve your clients in a highly efficient and innovative way.

Whether you are an experienced estate planning attorney, newly solo, or transitioning from another practice area, this webinar will also help you discover:

  • What’s really happening in your practice and how it’s contributing to your current state of affairs (We’ll walk you through our simple attorney audit to help you discover where you are now, where you WANT to go and why you aren’t there yet, in a matter of minutes).
  • The number one thing that comes between EVERY attorney and the next level of success they have their eye on.  No matter how drastic the problem, we’ll show you how the solution is stunningly simple.
  • The easiest way to maximize your income while working minimal hours.
  • 11 Essential Systems to Dominate Your Market this year (most attorneys only have one, maybe two in place.  Find out where you are really missing the mark with your productivity and revenue, and learn how to create a more flexible, family-friendly schedule).
  • How you can go deeper in your training at the 2013 American Academy Boot Camp in San Diegoand attend with absolutely NO-RISK and no obligation (details will be shared on the webinar).

As an anniversary bonus, you will also receive, upon live attendance, an electronic version of our exclusive Law Firm Systems Audit and a free copy of The E-Myth Attorney, written by New York Times best-selling author Michael Gerber and co-authored by Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch of the American Academy.

Robert and Sandy literally wrote the book on running a successful estate planning practice, and they've spent the past 20 years helping thousands of attorneys across the country do the same.

Now it's time to zero in on YOUR practice, starting with an honest audit of what systems and processes you already have in place, what's missing and how to break past common roadblocks of future scalability and growth.

Don't wait to register for this live webinar that will help you get back on your A-game and quickly dominate your local market this year and beyond.

Wednesday, July 17th at 2 PM Pacific/ 5 PM Eastern

One Of The Best Decisions I Ever Made
In 2006, we decided to go to the Boot Camp and learn a little bit more about the Academy and it's probably one of the best decisions that we've made. I could say that being in this practice has been wonderful. It allows us to control our time and the ability to spend time with our kids is enhanced. We are very thankful to the Academy.
Michael Davidov - New York, NY

The Bootcamp Was 100% Worth It
I can honestly say that not only has my practice been transformed but consequently my life has been transformed as well. I'm having more fun in my practice than I ever had before. I have more time with my family. I would certainly encourage anyone who may be on the fence to at least investigate, ask the hard questions, but I think you'll find that your trip will be worthwhile.
Michael Robinson, Naples, NY

Wednesday, July 17th at 2 PM Pacific/ 5 PM Eastern